I definitely possess the capacity to confuse my ability with my capability but, is it simply a lack of talent……?

We have the capacity to do and we possess the necessary tools to gain the ability, but can we all obtain true capability?

Are we born with unlimitless capacity to become or experience, whatever our heart desires?

If so, does this mean each and every one of us has the ability to become an Opera singer?

Is it just a matter of the effort extended to reach the peak of our capabilities?

Or is it simply that although we are born with the capacity to become an Opera singer and for the most part we all have the ability to sing a tune, we do not all have the capability to become a Pavarotti protege.

Is this simply a matter of having a gift or being more talented than the next guy in a specific area?

Or does it just highlight those of us that don’t wish to bother or even just don’t have the desire to put in the hard work?

To gain my own perspective I conducted a small experiment;

I believe I own the capacity to be an Opera singer, I also possess the ability to become an Opera singer, although while recently enthralled with the experiment at hand, I turned to see Fred Rik, my American Bulldog puppy cowering with his High School Musical blanket covering his tender ears against what in hindsight, could only be described as an horrific screeching coming from the end of the hallway.

The poor dog was scared silly.

With this outcome, I have no choice but to conclude that I myself am definitely not endowed with the capabilities required to become an audible Opera or any other genre singer. I simply lack talent in that area.

Onwards and upwards, no point in giving up I said to myself so, I have decided to embark on a challenge to find where my talent is hidden.

It may be an exhausting search

but I know I must have it hidden somewhere.

Yodelling is next on the list, sorry Fred Rik but you had better get your blanket prepared.

To be continued….

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