The search for my hidden talent has continued, it has been a bumpy ride with a few minor roadblocks but we have not lost ambition.

Many may have conceded defeat by now, but with my trusty side kick Fred Rik the amazing American Bulldog at my side we have endured the high and lows that come with stardom. At times Fred has had to step up to the role of security detail, what with the neighbours all appreciating my efforts in yodelling so much they lined the driveway hurling disappointed abuse at us after a two hour intensive practice session on Monday afternoon came to an end. On Tuesday morning when my twin daughters Jayde & Jordyn announced that unfortunately I had lost my voice and would be entering an early retirement in my yodelling career, I heard them all rushing around to each house passing on the terrible news to each other.

I imagine they are all be waiting and hoping with baited breath for the 3 x 3 hour CD’s I promised each of them would receive for Christmas this year now.

For now Fred Rik and I, are left to ponder in sad silence how will we break the news to everyone of how closely we missed out on our Guinness Book Of Records attempt for the longest continuous yodel session. The adjudicator was to arrive tomorrow morning. One week, five days and 23.5 hours was the record to beat.

I can already imagine how so very disappointed the neighbourhood will be, we need to come up with a nice surprise to cheer them up.

I’ve got it! I have the perfect idea to cheer everyone up, I am going to learn to play the violin and put on a street Christmas concert.

Fred’s ears pricked and eyes opened wide as saucers with concern crossing his pretty face, I understand his trepidation as Christmas is only weeks away and we will have to commit to 3 hour minimum daily practice sessions again to be ready in time.

There is no time to waste, onwards and upwards we go Fred. Christmas is coming fast.

To be continued……


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