Unreal undead or dead stuff
Creepy Things creepy hand won me some excellent scares… boo!

While we are on the subject of reasons to celebrate and we all know, any reason is a great reason for a party right?

Fred Rik is one of the best co-hosts in the industry, he not only loves a dress up party he has an Arsenal of hats that he wears throughout the event. Hence why, he is one of the best and the reason I called him to a meeting and began recruiting what was left of the best of the best, because of course we already had Fred Rik and myself on board.

Name: Team Halloween

Event: The Bomb Diggity Halloween Partay!

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Date: 28th October 2017

Time Frame: 3 days

Team Members: April (The Boss/Head Vamp)
Fred Rik (The Overseer/Security/Retriever of guests escaping)
Chloe (Decorating Know It All) the best of the best actually
Lilli D (Assistant in all areas/blood bank)
Ryle J (Light & Sound Guru/Backup of areas missed/screwed up)

Junior Members: Jayde J (Makeup Master/Seemingly Innocent Youth to encourage
more guests for dinner. NOM NOM NOM)
Jordyn N (went awol and jumped ship, We will Bite her later)
Flik Monsta (Party Trickery/Additional Seemingly Innocent

Menu: Skeleton Cob Loaf (By the Lovely Linda)
Spiders Eggs (By the Beautiful Val)
Dead Guy (Ribs, Intestines, Thigh and Shin Nibbles)
Blood Dipping Sauce
Grave Yard Mud Cupcakes (Also the Lovey Linda)

Beverages: Blood Bags (Care Of The Delicious A-negative Lilli D)

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Vampire Kisses (People Purée & Liquid Bones)
Bone Juice (Freshly Boiled Brats Bones)
Bats Brew (AWOL Vamps that jump ship – Look out Jordyn N)
Zombie Juice (Annoying Undeads Jerks)
Spider Cider (Well we stole their eggs so they had nothing to
do but run around sideways complaining)

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All team members are to at all times satanically recite in an undertone that surviving/escaping guests will not remember any details of a party, friends they were with or where any fang marks they may have came from in the morning. We will know if you do and we will find you and boil you like the rotten eggs you all smell like…

Touch the picture link above to purchase some amazing creepy products.


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