Party Time

Unreal undead or dead stuff


Creepy Things creepy hand won me some excellent scares… boo!

While we are on the subject of reasons to celebrate and we all know, any reason is a great reason for a party right?

Fred Rik is one of the best co-hosts in the industry, he not only loves a dress up party he has an Arsenal of hats that he wears throughout the event. Hence why, he is one of the best and the reason I called him to a meeting and began recruiting what was left of the best of the best, because of course we already had Fred Rik and myself on board.

Name: Team Halloween

Event: The Bomb Diggity Halloween Partay!

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Date: 28th October 2017

Time Frame: 3 days

Team Members: April (The Boss/Head Vamp)
Fred Rik (The Overseer/Security/Retriever of guests escaping)
Chloe (Decorating Know It All) the best of the best actually
Lilli D (Assistant in all areas/blood bank)
Ryle J (Light & Sound Guru/Backup of areas missed/screwed up)

Junior Members: Jayde J (Makeup Master/Seemingly Innocent Youth to encourage
more guests for dinner. NOM NOM NOM)
Jordyn N (went awol and jumped ship, We will Bite her later)
Flik Monsta (Party Trickery/Additional Seemingly Innocent

Menu: Skeleton Cob Loaf (By the Lovely Linda)
Spiders Eggs (By the Beautiful Val)
Dead Guy (Ribs, Intestines, Thigh and Shin Nibbles)
Blood Dipping Sauce
Grave Yard Mud Cupcakes (Also the Lovey Linda)

Beverages: Blood Bags (Care Of The Delicious A-negative Lilli D)

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Vampire Kisses (People Purée & Liquid Bones)
Bone Juice (Freshly Boiled Brats Bones)
Bats Brew (AWOL Vamps that jump ship – Look out Jordyn N)
Zombie Juice (Annoying Undeads Jerks)
Spider Cider (Well we stole their eggs so they had nothing to
do but run around sideways complaining)

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All team members are to at all times satanically recite in an undertone that surviving/escaping guests will not remember any details of a party, friends they were with or where any fang marks they may have came from in the morning. We will know if you do and we will find you and boil you like the rotten eggs you all smell like…

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Finding my talent

The search continues…..

The search for my hidden talent has continued, it has been a bumpy ride with a few minor roadblocks but we have not lost ambition.

Many may have conceded defeat by now, but with my trusty side kick Fred Rik the amazing American Bulldog at my side we have endured the high and lows that come with stardom. At times Fred has had to step up to the role of security detail, what with the neighbours all appreciating my efforts in yodelling so much they lined the driveway hurling disappointed abuse at us after a two hour intensive practice session on Monday afternoon came to an end. On Tuesday morning when my twin daughters Jayde & Jordyn announced that unfortunately I had lost my voice and would be entering an early retirement in my yodelling career, I heard them all rushing around to each house passing on the terrible news to each other.

I imagine they are all be waiting and hoping with baited breath for the 3 x 3 hour CD’s I promised each of them would receive for Christmas this year now.

For now Fred Rik and I, are left to ponder in sad silence how will we break the news to everyone of how closely we missed out on our Guinness Book Of Records attempt for the longest continuous yodel session. The adjudicator was to arrive tomorrow morning. One week, five days and 23.5 hours was the record to beat.

I can already imagine how so very disappointed the neighbourhood will be, we need to come up with a nice surprise to cheer them up.

I’ve got it! I have the perfect idea to cheer everyone up, I am going to learn to play the violin and put on a street Christmas concert.

Fred’s ears pricked and eyes opened wide as saucers with concern crossing his pretty face, I understand his trepidation as Christmas is only weeks away and we will have to commit to 3 hour minimum daily practice sessions again to be ready in time.

There is no time to waste, onwards and upwards we go Fred. Christmas is coming fast.

To be continued……

Finding my talent

I definitely possess the capacity to confuse my ability with my capability but, is it simply a lack of talent……?

We have the capacity to do and we possess the necessary tools to gain the ability, but can we all obtain true capability?

Are we born with unlimitless capacity to become or experience, whatever our heart desires?

If so, does this mean each and every one of us has the ability to become an Opera singer?

Is it just a matter of the effort extended to reach the peak of our capabilities?

Or is it simply that although we are born with the capacity to become an Opera singer and for the most part we all have the ability to sing a tune, we do not all have the capability to become a Pavarotti protege.

Is this simply a matter of having a gift or being more talented than the next guy in a specific area?

Or does it just highlight those of us that don’t wish to bother or even just don’t have the desire to put in the hard work?

To gain my own perspective I conducted a small experiment;

I believe I own the capacity to be an Opera singer, I also possess the ability to become an Opera singer, although while recently enthralled with the experiment at hand, I turned to see Fred Rik, my American Bulldog puppy cowering with his High School Musical blanket covering his tender ears against what in hindsight, could only be described as an horrific screeching coming from the end of the hallway.

The poor dog was scared silly.

With this outcome, I have no choice but to conclude that I myself am definitely not endowed with the capabilities required to become an audible Opera or any other genre singer. I simply lack talent in that area.

Onwards and upwards, no point in giving up I said to myself so, I have decided to embark on a challenge to find where my talent is hidden.

It may be an exhausting search

but I know I must have it hidden somewhere.

Yodelling is next on the list, sorry Fred Rik but you had better get your blanket prepared.

To be continued….